Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some reggae today

found these two nice reggae covers on youtube. The paul simon cover is the best

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hey there hotshot!

Young Pirate Mike

This was Trey on Halloween, I helped him with his Pirate Mike costume, we're gonna hire a private detective and figure out his past, what the hell goes on in his head. What's in Barbados, could there be a chance that he's not lying and he is a billionaire. We'll find out soon chief!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Evening Coffee

I can FEEL a strong wind brush against my hands

i hate dumb fat bitches and stupid gay people, im surrounded


Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Ball is moving.....

I can feel things happening...this is good

Monday, February 11, 2008


The harder your life is then the easier it'll get...i tell myself that almost everyday. This is the code i try to live by, going through life forcing a happy-go-lucky personality that i've adapted to.

I can close my eyes and see myself in a room with iron walls, the air so dank, i hold my breathe so i don't choke. Only a thin stream of light comes from above. I feel the walls and my hands are dirty from the rust around the rivets. I want to wash my hands. Im looking at myself, dark alone, angry, isolated. The same thing happens all the time. I close my eyes, see myself, and my own image stares back at me as if i've been caught. I can't run, The feeling of being caught forced onto me. The same feeling you would get if your wife caught you fucking some other girl, and you just couldn't stop fucking her. Ive exposed myself to myself and I want to get out.

I can feel myself ready to explode. My heart pounds and pounds, but for the wrong kind of passion. I Stomach turns, i don't have patience, at least not like what i used to. Ive been forced to become an asshole by the people closest to me. I've realized common sense is not so common. Etiquette, Tact, Common Sense, is lost in this world or at least in mine. My personal possessions and personal space have all been taken from me and I feel exposed. Everything is sacred to me but Nothing is sacred to those who are around me and the only way i can express myself is self pity.

I need to leave...

i can't even collect my thoughs right...

I need to get away from disrespectful assholes who don't know where boundaries lie, when the white chalk is written right in from of them.

Fucking cunts, who the fuck do you think you are, i hope i can see you 5 years from now, going nowhere in your life, while i'm making money finishing school and smoking a bowl, i'd happily take a shit on your life. I'm letting this fucking asshole out. You deserve it

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well this artshow shit is happening again, and this time with a bigger bang?

I like what charlie is writing up so far for the show, sincere and believable, thats what we really need is for people to believe that this will be a big deal.

last art show i got kind of burned in different ways, i tried my hardest to do it alone, it was alright but having the help this time around should make it a blast.

in terms of funding the write up from Charlie is what we'll be using for a sale sheet, we need to get sponsors for this thing, it might not be pretty but we need money and sponsors will give us that, Nate Denight from RevTV is helping us through this as, we will be launching "Ronin" an artist based clothing brand, kind of like RVCA.

We need to give something to the sponsors for money so im suggesting that we throw a commercial up on RevTV and we place their logo somewhere also, maybe shirts??? with sponsor logos i know its kind of lame but we need the money.

July 31 is on a thursday, i don't know if thats the best day to throw this on, maybe another day would be better like sometime on the weekend, and how long would the actual event last? maybe a sunday would be better? nothing really happens on a sunday.

also having the show controlled is a good idea, we need to be serious about this one and really be proud of the things we display, its our names on it so i feel we should make ourselves look good by posting up what we thing is the best

As for the location of the place, i think its still kind of up in the air.

2 options right now:
a. either we do it at RevTV studios, we'll really have to clean it up, its a bit of a mess, i think this place would be ideal if the show was on a weekday or Sunday. but we really have to take care of it, plus it would be free
b. Hotel-we could have the show at a hotel ballroom or something, it would look nice, not much cleaning, catered food? and booze? and they could possibly leave up the artwork around the hotel for the week, but we have to be out of there by a certain time, it would also attract tourists, having it in the heart of tumon would be nice, but it would cost us money to rent out a room so we have to see how much money we have, I like this option, but it costs money.

RevTV will help us out a bit, we'll air a commerical, i started doing animations so maybe we can all collaborate on a commercial, something cool that guam hasn't seen so people can be wowed with, charlie write a script (30 sec) josh illustrate, royce animate? sounds good? if not we can just display some art, but i dunno.

before we start telling people about the event we need to back sponsors and we need to have some money so that PDN and the radio can take it seriously, or else they will think that we're just another bunch of assholes doing something this week. Having flyers in different languages would be cool, again having this event at a hotel would make sense if we're really trying to attract tourists. if not then we wouldn't need the different flyers, maybe?

with getting attention from other press outside of guam sounds good, i don't know the first step in doing that, but whatever help from me you need you'll get, if but i think we need to start locally first? but once we get the sale sheet done, we'll make a press package that we can just e-mail to everybody, see what kind of press we can get, giant robot wouldn't hurt, unless they just laugh us off.

also i don't know what we need to do, but we need to hype up the show more, wether it be through myspace or what not, i think we need to really get artist together and get them hyped up, i dunno any suggestions, also i need to know who is coming back to guam and when, having a physical committee would be really helpful, but im sure we'll be fine for right now.

Also i think we should promote the show on our blogspots and have us talk about it this way, any give out links on myspace so people interested in the show can just look here and give us suggestions? yeah or no?

I think for bands it will mostly be rock, we're going for cheap so we need to know who can help us out, so far im thinking KOUFU, LAST STANDING ALL STARS, MATALA, FREEDOM FRIES? these bands have helped me out in the past so maybe they can help out this time, ill talk to them as soon as the show gets closer

Don't worry about PA or anything like that i have that all covered and i can run sound or I can ask Trey or Mark, hopefully they will be fine with that, i don't think we need a stage but if anything we can just get a collapsable stage

I think that once you guys get here we'll get a bunch of people to help us im sure we can throw some meetings together and get some volunteers to help us out, vince, mark, trey, pappy, ect...

so first off we need the write up
then Nate will fix it up, make sure it can be sold, give text back to josh so you can make a sale sheet pdf, also remember this is a RONIN/LADRONES thing cause this is how we are gonna get backing if RONIN launches this day.

after NATE and I will try and sell the shit out of this get some sponsors, and we'll find a place for the show, send some pics, until then we wait.

josh also, we need drafts for RONIN, we need to make Nate believe in this and have him want to make the launch.

anyways somebody reply to this


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Casa 5 is alive!

This was written on the side of Casa, I thought it was pretty funny. I remember wanting to go to Casa before and wanting to be a cool kid, now it just kinda gives me the creeps. RIP i guess, to the who's who of who cares? right?